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Guest winemaker "Winery Baumgartner".
enlivens the VILLA wine list in summer.

On 07 June 2023, 6.00 p.m., VILLA Schweizerhof.

Reserve a table at the VILLA Schweizerhof for the evening of June 7, 2023 and let us spoil you. In addition to the delicious wine, you will enjoy an excellent 6-course menu, prepared by chef Marcel Ineichen and his team.

We introduce you to Michel, Danielle, Noel, Lukas and Sandra Baumgartner - a wine-crazy winemaking family from the canton of Aargau. Their love of wine, openness to new things and the urge to innovate accompany them every day and fill their daily lives. The Baumgartner family strives to always be one step ahead - true to the motto "one vine ahead".

The family business is located in Tegerfelden AG. The winegrowing village belongs to the winegrowing region of the Lower Aare Valley and is geographically located between the Aare and the Rhine, in the Zurzibiet region. Baumgartners cultivate 13 hectares of vineyards in five communities with different terroirs and microclimates. The selection of grape varieties and their clones are precisely matched to the terroir and microclimate, from which they vinify wines that are typical of the variety and the vineyard.The Baumgartner family's assortment is characterized by a great variety. Whether sweet or dry, light or full-bodied, fruity or spicy - here you will find the right wine for every taste and occasion.

Starting in June, the friendly wine professionals will be guest winemakers at the VILLA Schweizerhof, where they will present their exquisite wines. Don't miss this opportunity and convince yourself of the popular Aargau wine.


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