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Chez Vrony as a guest
in Lucerne

Chez Vrony + VILLA Schweizerhof = VILLA Vrony.

Zermatt meets Lucerne

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The unique mountain restaurant Chez Vrony from Zermatt is coming back to the VILLA Schweizerhof on Lake Lucerne as a pop-up restaurant from 6 November 2024 to 2 February 2025. The collaboration between the two culinary meeting places will allow guests to savour the mountain air of Zermatt in the gourmet oasis on the lake and indulge in special creations from the VILLA kitchen and ingredients from Valais.

What's new

The kitchen team at the VILLA Schweizerhof, led by head chef Marcel Ineichen, treats guests to hearty dishes and specialities from Valais in collaboration with the chef from Chez Vrony.


Chez Vrony - Zermatt's gourmet jewel

The bijou "Chez Vrony" is located above Zermatt at 2130 metres above sea level. This unique mountain restaurant, which has become a culinary meeting place, is characterised by natural warmth, passion and a breathtaking view of the Matterhorn. Guests from all over the world make a pilgrimage to the multi-award-winning gourmet oasis (GaultMillau Host of the Year 2022), which has a family tradition stretching back over 100 years. Together with their team, hosts Vrony and Max Cotting-Julen offer their guests fresh, authentic and natural cuisine with traditional and typical dishes, enriched with plenty of Valais flavours as well as international influences.

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The VILLA Schweizerhof

The beautiful location, the impressive park on the Hausermatte with its soothing tranquillity, the spectacular view of Lake Lucerne and enjoyment take centre stage here. The VILLA offers space for up to 55 people in a cosy atmosphere.
The team at the VILLA Schweizerhof welcomes its guests with culinary honesty: regional specialities with attention to detail await you from the pots and pans of head chef Marcel Ineichen and his team. The hotel's own spacious and fragrant herb garden delights young and old alike and provides daily inspiration for the kitchen team. At the same time, it also reminds us that the origin of true enjoyment lies in the quality of the ingredients used. Thanks to close partnerships, we know exactly where the product comes from, whether it is vegetables, meat or wine.

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