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In the heart of the city and yet in an incomparable lakeside location: the VILLA Schweizerhof is a bijou brought to new life, unexpectedly different. The Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern team took over the place in 2017, and a lot was invested the following spring to make the new “Culinary VILLA at the lake” your favourite spot. In a stately ambience and with a spectacular view of the picturesque Lake Lucerne and the nearby Alpine panorama, you will enjoy genuine cuisine prepared by our chef Marcel Ineichen: well-seasoned dishes with lots of regional produce and fresh herbs picked daily in our own garden.

The power of Swiss nature reflects in the food and drinks menu, with specialities such as lake trout from Meggen, game from the Gersau mountain or risotto from the Maggia valley. The wine list only features Swiss wines provided by Swiss cellars or Swiss winemakers from abroad. The source of genuine pleasure lies in quality. Swiss quality. And in the stories related to our suppliers, which we know personally.
Step inside and experience the VILLA Schweizerhof's history.
Lukas Weber, Manager, 
Marcel Ineichen, chef
and the team of the VILLA Schweizerhof and the Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern


«To be a guest is good, to come home is better – feel at home with us.”"

Luke Weber,
Head of VILLA Schweizerhof & host

«Sustainability is our priority: Regional Swiss delicacies combined with short travel distances»

Marcel Ineichen,
Chef VILLA Schweizerhof

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